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[Panel 1]
Well, that was a bit sudden.

Bell off up north,
Elizabeth out west

(or should it be down west)

and everyone else getting out
of London for the new year.

Wonder what they know that I don't?

[Panel 2]
Ah well, Camille, at
least you're still here.

[style 8way]

No, I'm not taking you to see the Christmas
lights. It's too blooming cold out there.

It's not worth it this year anyhow.

The really naff ones haven't gone up.
People must be feeling too poor and
worrying about their electricity bills.

[Panel 3]
And no, I won't take you
to the pub, not after what
Steve said last time.


Oh all right, I'll get
out the Mah-Jongg set.

But just one game.

And no poker, not
however much you ask.

[Panel 4]
I'll need to put in some time
on that new spaceship model
if I'm going to have it finished
by the time they get back.

I still don't see why
you can't just play
Mah-Jongg with Beatrice.


You think I DON'T cheat? Aren't
you being rather trusting?

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