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[Panel 1]
Why do they all want to go
camping all of a sudden?


Freecycle. Everyone's asking
for camping gear this week.

They're all saying they've never
done it before, so they want
tents and stoves and beds and...

[Panel 2]
...and mosquito-repellent
and calomine and splints
and bandages and...

Do I perceive that your
camping experiences have not
been uniformly positive?

Anyway, they even want stuff
for children. You'd think they'd
find out whether THEY liked it
before dragging kids along.

[Panel 3]
Maybe they're feeling too poor
for any other sort of holiday.

Yeah, I saw the average
adult is now watching
more than four hours of
TV a day 'cos they
can't afford to go out.

Where do they find the TIME?

What with gaming and hacking
and modelling and trebuchet-
building I don't remember the
last time I even watched a film.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, perhaps these new
campers are planning to
expose the children on a
mountainside. Very traditional.

At which point they get
brought up by... you
don't have any wolves in
this country, do you?

Not yet, though they're thinking
about it in Scotland. Just
escaped lynx, and "liberated"
mink, and if you're really lucky
the Beast of Bodmin...

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