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[Panel 1]
Is there something
I should know about?

There seems to have been a
sudden outbreak of English
flags in people's windows.

And on drunken hooligans...

World Cup.

[Panel 2]




[Panel 3]
I'd have thought you'd know
about it, Nils. South Africa
are hosting this year.

I think I was trying to
forget about it. Same way
we're all trying to forget
about the bloody Olympics.

We can't forget about it in the
pub. Even with the big "NO
TELEVISION" sign we still get
people wanting to watch the games.

[Panel 4]
What do you do with them?

Something lingering
with boiling oil in it?

Send 'em up the road to the
Kilderkin chain lager barn.

Don't you lose business that way?

No, they send us any of their
punters who fancy a real pint.

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