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[Panel 1]
Ah, good. I have a new
meat-scorching technique I
want your opinion on.

Eurgh. Not tonight.

Tiring day? You had to go
to Paris again, didn't you?

It wasn't the work,
it was the flight home.

[Panel 2]
Slogging through all the usual
searches and stuff, so I don't
have any of my tools with me...

Then just as we're about
to take off a maggot
falls onto my lap.

Er... left by a previous passenger?

Then approximately twelve
thousand four hundred and
twenty seven of its best mates
come down to keep it company.

[Panel 3]

Turns out the bloke
next to me was
trying to get some
sausage back home
before it spoiled,
only he was about
three days too late.

How horrid.

So everyone round me is flicking the
things off their clothes, and things are
getting a bit edgy... and then the cabin
crew guy says everyone should keep calm.

[Panel 4]
Let me guess, that's when
the screaming started?

And the stampede to the emergency
exit. But at least I got to go down
the slide. Always wanted to do that.

I can see why
you don't want
to think about
meat tonight.

Yeah, in return for not suing they
gave us an all-you-can-eat buffet
while we waited for another plane.

They probably thought I would
have lost my appetite...

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