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[Panel 1]
How was Vienna?

Best business trip EVER.

What, even better than
that time with the yak?

[Panel 2]
I was taking a quick cycle-ride
before I had to go to the airport,
and I found this little village
about fifty K out of town.

With a pub?

Better! It has the Bridge Museum!

[Panel 3]
I'm sorry, I seem to have slipped a
cog. Did you say Bridge Museum?

The lady has a library on bridge
construction, and hundreds of
scale models, and dozens of
the real thing in her garden.

And if you pay extra she
lets you ride across them!

You must come and see it!

[Panel 4]
Ginny, I think it's
time to reset him.

Jaakko! Now listen
very carefully!


Would it have been as much fun if
you HADN'T just had three days of
eight-hour meetings with Herr
Doktor Feuerstein the most boring
manager in Europe?

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