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[Panel 1]
Hey, Steve! Mandi and Ferd are off
on holiday in a couple of weeks.
We'll need to get some temps in.

OK, I'll have a shufti.
What d'you prefer to work
with, barman or barmaid?

You what?

Well, that's what you are isn't it?

[Panel 2]
Excuse me, do you mind?


That's rampant sexism, Steve.

Bar person.

Or I'm a bar staff.

[Panel 3]
You're not long and thin
enough to be a staff.

Anyway, according to The Publican
you're a Hospitality Vendor.


Watch it, or I'll get
you in as Licencee.

[Panel 4]
Bell, would you mind...

Er, why are you chasing
Steve with a dishmop?

Just reminding him I'm a barmaid
and none of your modern rubbish.

You could always be a tavern wench?

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