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[Panel 1]
Did you see the union is
trying to get members again?

Oh, ah?

One of them buttonholed me as
I was coming back from lunch.

Free ten minute backrub and
a prize draw for a digital
camera if I joined today.

[Panel 2]
Well, I suppose it's more use
than the "stress counsellors"
they were offering last time.

And maybe if I joined
they'd tell me when they
were going on strike.

I'd hope so, really.

Last time I accidentally crossed
a picket line when it had
wandered off for a smoke break.

[Panel 3]
I thought that unions were
supposed to fight for you when
the bosses mess you about?

Some of them may. Not round here
though. They like their big lunches
too much to rock the boat.

So today I just told 'em I
was a contractor and they
fled as if I had plague.

[Panel 4]
It could be worse. In Finland
the first temperance movements
came out of the unions.

But falling into a drill
press while off your head on
cheap vodka is the inalienable
right of the working man!

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