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[Panel 1]
Right, that's the
paper bin out. And
the plastic bin and
the cardboard bin
and the glass bin.

Meant to tell you, it looks as
if the council is at it again.

Yet another new bin, this one
for left-handed glass bottles
(beer and whiskey only)?

[Panel 2]
No, this one might be a bit
more of a problem. They're
switching to smaller bins.

And anyone who isn't
"recycling properly" gets a
visit from a "waste doctor".

What about weeks when I've been
building siege engines? The offcuts
barely fit in the wood-bin as it is.

[Panel 3]
But hold on, where are
they getting these
"waste doctors" from?

The notice I saw didn't say. Why?

I'm sure I could knock
up a laminated ID badge...

[Panel 4]
Yes, but why would you want to?

Nobody's going to mess with the guy
who can stop the dustcarts coming.

I'll never have to be polite to the
Canary Wharf security guards again!

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