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[Panel 1]
Bother, too late to get tickets
for the Pope's visit.

Uh wuh buh

you what?

I don't think I was
using any hard words...

But... WHY?

[Panel 2]
Ignore him, he's just been
looking at the rules for what
you're not allowed to bring.

I think it's very
unreasonable of them to
ban portable barbecues.

I just thought I ought to
bring some burning meat to
make the bloke feel at home.

[Panel 3]
Now now, just because he regards
the ordination of women as being as
serious a sin as child-molestation...

Wait, what?

They're not even allowing candles.
Or alcohol. Or bicycles.

Why bicycles?

[Panel 4]
Didn't you know? Bicycles are
dangerous terroristical weapons!
That's why you aren't allowed to
lock 'em up in Parliament Square.

They might have a point there.

I've seen Jaakko riding in a hurry.

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