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[Panel 1]
Good news, everybody!

I've improved our phone system!

o god.

"Really, Nils? How
have you done that?"

[Panel 2]
Now when you dial, it'll
send the call over the
Internet if that's cheaper.

Oh, you'll both need
new phones of course.

Of course.

They're in the box in
the hall. Just plug them
into the network sockets.

But I LIKE my old phone...

[Panel 3]
And when Steve calls to get
Bell into work, it won't
ring MY phone and wake me.

But when he does
that you're out
at work yourself.



Look, can I just have
my boring old phone that
rings when someone calls?

[Panel 4]

I suppose I COULD...



Don't tell him!

Why not?

Because I like living here
and I can't afford half the
rent if you move out.

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