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[Panel 1]
Nils, have you been getting
enough sleep lately?

I think so. Any
particular reason?

Well, it's about last night's game.

I think you might have been
getting things slightly mixed up.

[Panel 2]
Last night... that was
the World War II campaign...

I thought it was going to be,
then I got a bit confused.

I mean, I wasn't going to say
anything at the time, but...

Angels of Mons are all very
well, but dragons at Dunkirk?

[Panel 3]
Oh, that.

It wasn't a full-sized one, just a
Wartime Economy Standard Dragon.

That WOULD explain how we
knocked it out of the sky
with two-pounder pom-poms.

[Panel 4]
Two-pound pom-poms? Elizabeth, are
you taking up extreme cheerleading...
no, I DON'T want to know.

Anyway, you seemed to
stay in character.

In 1940 with rationing starting to
bite we get a dead animal that
large? Of COURSE it's going to end
up as Lovely Nourishing Soup.

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