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[Panel 1]
Got anything to give the
trick-or-treaters this year?

If any of them knock
on our door I'll show
them a donnering trick.

Now now. We have to
encourage cupidity
and overeating in
the youth of today.

[Panel 2]


Look over there, it's
the economic recovery!

Feed 'em up so they
can't dodge as well?

[Panel 3]
I probably shouldn't be asking,
but what are you expecting
them to try to dodge?

On the advice of my solicitor,
I couldn't possibly comment.

And Jaakko should be here soon.

o god he's going to
use the trebuchet.

[Panel 4]
Do you mind if I watch? I could do
with some hard numbers to argue
with the pure theory types next
time we talk about siege weapons.

Sure. But you have to
bring your own beer.

I've got a bottle of mead that
Annie in the madrigal group said
was too lively for her...

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