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[Panel 1]
...and then just as I'd brought in
all the shopping my father said he
had to go off and play cricket.

On All Hallows' Eve?
They must have been mad.

A vital game, apparently.
Grudge match against the next
village, the pride of their
manhood on the line, and so on.

[Panel 2]
That implies a disconcerting
level of enthusiasm.

Particularly once the rain got a
bit colder. And more sideways.

Of course a proper English
cricket pitch should have
three wickets in a triangle.

[Panel 3]

Then you never have to
bowl very cross-wind.

We could have used that.
Spectators catching a ball
BEFORE the batsman has hit it...

[Panel 4]
...are an indication that
you may have a problem.

I think it was mostly an
excuse for my mother to make
the team tea afterwards.

Even if all the players were
too sodden to enjoy it...

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