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[Panel 1]
That's odd. Apparently there's
an unexpected box in the
post-room, and they're asking
if anyone's ordered anything.

They must think we're
pretty dim to go and
claim an illicit
parcel when we know
they're watching!

M'yes, but I would love
to know what it is.

[Panel 2]
Maybe late at night? We
could turn off the camera.

We COULD -- but
what's in it for us?

Well, I don't know, money?
Reputation? Blackmail?

[Panel 3]
You had me at "money".

How about "the parcel itself"?

If it's knives I'll have it, if
it's bicycle parts you have it, if
it's computer bits we split it...

[Panel 4]
But it might be something boring.

Like trousers. Or fudge.

I've got enough instruments of
carnage already. If it's fudge,
though, I'll have ALL of it.

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