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[Panel 1]
Morning, Elizabeth.

Hey, are you all right?

Damn and blast all students.

I think it's mostly just a few
idiots rather than all of them.

[Panel 2]
As if going after the heir to
the throne weren't bad enough...

Don't tell me they got
to your library too?

I wish. There are some books
in the back stacks... well,
they'd never complain again.

But no, the bosses got scared, so
yesterday they said nobody could
come in without an ID badge.

[Panel 3]
Not really seeing the problem.

The last time I saw my badge
was when it was being issued.

But even that would have been
all right. I know the back
way in through the cellars.

[Panel 4]
Except that this was the last day
of the big international library
conference we were hosting.

And they wouldn't let any
of THEM in without badges.

So we HAD to have
the conference in
a pub, didn't we?

Could you get some
aspirin? Quietly?

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