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[Panel 1]
So now we have evidence.

Nils can't remember
something he learned
only four years ago.

Um... four years ago... not the
best of weather for hitching home?

[Panel 2]
Never to drink any punch that
Steve's had anything to do with.


I thought he was
a bit quiet when
we left the pub.

Mind you, failed memory might not
be the ONLY reason he drank it.

[Panel 3]

He could have been distracted. Or
thought someone else had made it.

The only other person who might
have brought punch was Jaakko,
and even Nils knows better
than to drink HIS recipes.

[Panel 4]
Actually I thought Steve's punch
was rather better this year.

I barely went blind at all.

Yes, but YOU had the sense to
stay outside the safety cordon.

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