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[Panel 1]
Remember that I will not be seeing
you again until the New Year.

I don't know how you
do it. A summer
holiday, another
break in October, and
now you're away for
half of December...

Careful thought before
I book a day off.

And I wrote the leave
allocation script.

[Panel 2]
So I suppose you're abandoning
our weather for something
even more cold and miserable?

Cold, yes, but
rarely miserable.
snow back home.

Everyone already has
snow-chains and
ploughs and things.

[Panel 3]
And a freezer full of meat
in case they get cut off.

Ah, that would be
when you can't
find the shed
with the
snowplough in it
because the snow
has buried it?


And of course there's
Joulopukki to think about.

[Panel 4]
What, you've got to go home and
be nice to Father Christmas so
that he gives you presents?

Not at all! I've got to go
home and be rude to him!

Otherwise he'd think I was ill...

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