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[Panel 1]
D'you think Bell's all
right? I told her about the
improved house intranet and
she didn't even scream at me.

She's been a bit
wrapped up in this
Robin. And vice versa.

Yeah, she came by to
pick her up yesterday.

[Panel 2]
At least I think
Robin is a she.

I'd go for "he". They
seemed to be all over
each other last week.

Don't want to go
making assumptions
like that these days.

[Panel 3]
I mean, I know she's had
boyfriends before, but...

None of our business,
anyway, is it?

Technically you're right.

[Panel 4]
But if she gets hurt
and needs to move away...

Where are we going to find
another flatmate who'll put
up with the sausage-machine?


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