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[Panel 1]
Good weekend?

Yeah, visiting mum.

Ah, taking her

Oddly enough, no.

[Panel 2]
Ah, she too has neighbours with a
convenient cow in the freezer!

More convenient if they
had walrus or wombat.

Then you could feed it
into the sausage-machine.

Still wrong. She does her shopping
in the village these days.

[Panel 3]
What, the local shop has proper
eggs again as well as quail?

Oh, THEM. No, the
Olde Poste Office-e
is as weekend-folk
as it ever was.

But Tesbury's opened one of
their small shops next door.

[Panel 4]
Wasn't there a fuss?

There was a petition
to stop them, sure.

Got all of one signature.

As opposed to the two hundred
on the one Mum got up in favour
when she heard about it...

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