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[Panel 1]
Tell me again why
we do these things?

You volunteered.

I just said I wanted to
observe how other people
shopped for a wedding.

They're not books, you know.
They'd notice you Looking at
them and behave differently.

No, the only way was to offer
to help them pick clothes...

[Panel 2]
For six hours?

You make a very good
colour consultant.

But it still makes no SENSE.

If you want a dress, you go and
look at dresses until you find
one you like, then you buy it.

Actually I go to a chap I
know and say "make me a dress",
but that doesn't count as a
Shopping Experience.

[Panel 3]
I don't know. I'm sure
all the giggling must
impair one's judgment.

That would be why Sally ended up
with that very impractical skirt.

More of a wide belt, I think.

Either way she won't have the
guts to wear it in public.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, they got you the jacket
you liked, and THEY enjoyed
the day even if you didn't.

I just can't help feeling
they could have more fun
doing something else. A
PROPER girls' day out.

Yes, but last time your idea of a
"girls' day out" was paintballing.

We won, didn't we?

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