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[Panel 1]
Hullo, Elizabeth.

Erm, what are you doing
here? Isn't it a work-day?

Yes, but someone's
filming in the library.

And they don't want
mere librarians
cluttering up the shots.

[Panel 2]
Aren't people supposed to be
able to USE the library?

Oh, the students love
it. They're using them
as extras in return
for a square meal.

Anyway, until they've finished...

[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
queeple queep

[Panel 3]

Most probably
either Caedmon
or Cynewulf,
certainly not
later than the
tenth century,
possibly quite
a lot older.

Welcome, bye.

Until they're finished,
everyone who wants to look
something up phones YOU?
That doesn't seem very fair.

[Panel 4]
Goodness, I'd rather
they asked ME than
someone who wouldn't
know the answer.

And it's only the
Middle English people
who are calling.

Well, and the Anglo-Saxon ones,
but that's almost the same thing.

You deserve a pay rise for this.

I feel like demanding one. In groats.

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