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[Panel 1]
Oh good, you're here. Pint, please.

Sure. Three-fifty,
same as usual.

Is that...?

Yup, that's
the famous
invisible Robin.

[Panel 2]

Ah. I'm a bit short
today. Could you...?

All right,
but I'll need
it back
next week.



My thoughts exactly.

[Panel 3]
Not that there's
anything WRONG
with that...

Dating a barmaid is a Sacred
Trust. It's every bloke's
fantasy, or meant to be. There's
things you just don't do.

Sure you're not just
a tiny bit jealous?

Can't be. It's in the
tenancy agreement.

[Panel 4]
I've been meaning to
ask you about that...

WHY is there a "no
relationships" clause?

You never met Shelagh. Before your
time. She could lead a bloke around
by... whatever was handy, really.

She's the reason for the
"rent paid in cash, nothing
else" clause too...

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