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[Panel 1]
Right, so my Dire Wolf has
wiped out your recon lance...

It's a man's life in
light 'Mech units.

Oh, no! Not THIS game!

What's wrong with a
bit of Battletech?

[Panel 2]
I just can't take it seriously.

I mean,
giant stompy
robot tanks?

Magic fusion
rockets that can
pull one G for
weeks on end?

Huge guns that can't throw a
shell even a quarter of a mile?

[Panel 3]
Jislaaik! We don't try
to take it SERIOUSLY!

It makes a bit of a change
from the realistic stuff.

No soul-searching or
worrying about how the grunts
in the trenches feel.

Oh, well, in THAT case...

[Panel 4]
Let me take over one
of Jaakko's lances

Um, I suppose...

and I'll show you how a
REAL 'Mechwarrior fights.

I thought you said you couldn't
take this game seriously.

I don't. But I don't
play at war to LOSE.

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