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Apparently this actually works


[Panel 1]
Nils, are you up
to something again?

What, me?

Er, whyever would
you think that?

The mice.

[Panel 2]
I saw one sitting around on the
stairs waiting to be caught.

And I could have sworn
there was another
packing its bits of
cheese in a red and
white spotty hankie...

I don't THINK I... oh.

[Panel 3]
I may just possibly
have been involved with
building some robot mice.

Robot WHAT?

Don't ask.

But I've sent some out on test
runs, and if they've been
mouseing about the place...

[Panel 4]
I'm not seeing the...
no, I AM seeing the
problem, but what does
this have to do with...?

Well, they're designed
to act dominant to any
real mouse they meet,
so that they don't
have to fight them off.

No wonder our own
little meeces are
feeling a bit depressed.

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