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[Panel 1]
Well? How was Robin's wedding?

You didn't say
anything when you
got in last night...

You know what they say. Every
wedding and funeral should be the
proximate cause of at least one
more wedding and one more funeral.

And I think I may have
the funeral covered.

[Panel 2]
Oh dear.

Preferably Robin's. His new
wife's a nice girl, if a bit dim,
and she doesn't deserve him.

'Course, she'll never talk
to ME. I'm the evil relationship-
wrecker who left him all
alone and hurting. Poor baby.

I suppose you can look on
it as a lesson learned.

[Panel 3]
Oh, yes. There but for the
grace of Cthulhu and all that.

He has a Mother.

Looked at me like something
off her boot heel...

And it's not going to be
HER funeral? You're getting
restrained in your old age.

[Panel 4]
Oh, it was better than that.

I put on my image of you like
a cloak, and talked about my
research into mediaeval English
land ownership records for
half an hour straight.

But I'd never do that!
Well, not all at once.

SHE didn't know that. She
was all geared up for another
idiotic bit of fluff...

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