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[Panel 1]
Lots of people coughing and
sneezing in the pub at the moment.

Ah. Spring.
Plague season.

Nils, did they do the MMR in
South Africa when you were a kid?

[Panel 2]
No idea. I'm sure I had
whatever they offered.


I'm sure I will have done.
Mum may be a housewife
but she isn't STUPID.

So you won't get measles even
if someone in the pub has it,
which they probably won't
because it's children, isn't it?

[Panel 3]
So you don't have to worry
even if it does get here from
Swansea, which so far it hasn't.

Yes, but if I don't want to get
too close to people I won't be
much good as a barmaid, will I?

I suppose you could wear
a surgical face-mask....

[Panel 4]
Oh sure! And when they ask
me why, what do I say?

"I'm afraid I might catch MMR
from someone with autism?"

Well, it makes as much sense
as the other way round.

I know that, you know that, but
would it convince the punters?

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