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[Panel 1]
You look a bit frazzled.

The bloody till was
refusing to work.

I can add up a drinks order, but
we couldn't get the drawer open.

Ah, so that's why Steve asked if
I had a crowbar he could borrow.

[Panel 2]
Well, tills are all
'orrible closed-
source code. Nobody
ever gets to
improve them, or if
they do it's for
the next model that
you have to buy.
What do you expect?

I hate computers! Tills were
really easy to use before
they computerised them.

[Panel 3]
When they're working you have
to admit they do work well.

And it's a lot easier
to work out who's
on the fiddle.

And I'm supposed to
be in favour of that?

[Panel 4]
Yes, because you wouldn't
want to be too stupid to work
out ways to fiddle. Think of
it as evolution in action.

Hmmmm... OK, maybe.

In two or three generations,
Mandi will be extinct.

Uh-huh. The way SHE's on
the fiddle I think they
must be on her side.

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