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[Panel 1]
That damn till only packs up
when it's really inconvenient.
I think it's sentient.

You shouldn't

They don't like it.

[Panel 2]
OK then. What do we do if
they start to conspire?

What if they
all decide to
go on strike at
the same time?

I expect that to
happen any time now.

[Panel 3]
That would mean no food,
no services, no money: they
all work by computer.

That's assuming they don't
go for full-on robot
revolution, of course.

flying that drone?

That's why I am trying
to get known as an AI
rights activist NOW.

[Panel 4]
So they look
after you?

What, you think I
WANT to live in a
world like that?

Then why?

So they kill me
quickly, because
I know too much.

Oh, I didn't know
you'd joined the
Cult of Cthulhu!

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