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[Panel 1]
Hello, Nils! I thought you
were going in to work today?

I was. I did.

But then the power for the air
vents died. And the building is
sealed to cut down heating bills.
So it got all hot and soggy.

I thought that your computer-room
was on a different circuit?

[Panel 2]
We hid in there at first, but
after a bit we ran out of, er,
drinking water and had to leave.

The sort of drinking water
that gets boiled with hops
and barley to keep it fresh?

You know us too well.

[Panel 3]
So by that time the building was
in panic mode, the lifts were
shut off, and we had to walk
down thirty floors to get out.

That can't be much
fun when people
are panicking.

What would you do if you had a
real emergency? Like a fire?

Bring sausages. Or a parachute.

[Panel 4]
And THEN Jaakko had something
in his pocket that made the
security scanners go Bip.

And they asked if
it was dangerous,
and he smiled, you
know how he does...

So that would be a beer
for you and two beers and a
new sharp thing for Jaakko.

Better make it a sharp shiny thing.

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