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# at home
[Panel 1]
You haven't asked me for any
strange mediaeval recipes recently.

People aren't having as many big
foofy weddings with Banquets.

Well, that's no good! You
can't be a proper mediaeval
cook if you aren't DOING it.

[Panel 2]
I've never claimed
I WAS a proper

Never mind that now. We need
to sort out some real feasts.

You know, there was something at
the library about a summer party...

[Panel 3]
What? Me? Cook for Experts?

Most of them are experts in Very
Abstruse Mathematics or African
Religions or something else that
won't be relevant to the food.

I hope.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, they're librarians.
Librarians are nice people.

Until they get into the
gin. Then they Sing.

That's all right. I'll make
sure there's some vodka for
you so that you don't feel
embarrassed about joining in.

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