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[Panel 1]
Ah, good, you're awake.

What are rose-
hips good for?

Tisanes, jam, jelly,
syrup, bread, marmalade...


[Panel 2]
Apparently mum's
been out Gathering.

And she's sending me
a parcel of what she
couldn't use herself.

Well, I'll take some.

Ginny's been too busy this
year and I feel like cooking.

[Panel 3]
Cooking? Where? Will there be pie?

No, Bell's mum's
surplus of rosehips.


Still, you can ferment
and distill them to make
Hungarian fruit brandy.

[Panel 4]
Though it doesn't seem very
Hungarian if it's English rosehips
brewed by a Finn and a Saffer...

This may be an obvious
question, but why not just BUY
the Hungarian fruit brandy?

I mean, how much of it are you
really going to get through?

That depends on when the madrigal
group is meeting here next.

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