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[Panel 1]
Evening, Steve. Pint of Dragonfly?

Hmph. Don't think I'll
be serving you tonight.

Huh? What did I do?

[Panel 2]
I hear you've been
drinking in Other Pubs.

Well, yeah. I mean, I was
in Birmingham for a week.

Bit of a long way to pop
home for a quick pint.

You've betrayed the Sacred Trust.

[Panel 3]
But I... Bell! Help!

Hmph. Not talking to YOU. Going
off with those Brummie... I won't
say it, there's a lady present.


[Panel 4]
See? I TOLD you it would work!

April fools are
no fun if you do
them in April
when people are
expecting them.

I still think we
should have used
the one about
turning into a

Jaakko, you and I have an
appointment with a firehose.

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