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[Panel 1]
What does Steve want out of life?

To crush his enemies, see them
driven before him, and hear the
lamentation of their women?

Well, obviously,
but APART from that.

For the pub to make a
profit, probably. Why?

[Panel 2]
I was checking the pub's
paperwork to sort out that
room booking, and it turns out
he's turning sixty next week.


We'd better throw him
some sort of party.

Yeah, but... who does
he know who isn't us?

[Panel 3]
His old Army mates are all
over the place, and only
he has their addresses.

Last thing he'd want is a bunch
of unexpected people showing
up, even if they ARE mates.

Tell you what, you invent a reason to
close early on the Monday night, and
I'll make sure the regulars know they
should bring food and party hats.

[Panel 4]
We COULD get Ginny and set
up the roast pig trailer...

Won't he notice?

I'll tell him it's a new
council requirement to
have private incinerators.

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