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[Panel 1]
You'd think I'd remember by now.

It has been nearly seven
years since you learned
it the first time.

Never drink any punch that
Steve's had anything to do with.

[Panel 2]
I remembered. I don't
see why you couldn't.

Maybe I did. I just seem
to have decided to ignore
my own good advice.

The man's sixty now, surely he
can't drink as much as he used to!

You don't know how much
he used to drink.

[Panel 3]
Nor do you!

Nor, I suspect, does he.

Anyway, do you have
to go in today?

No. He said he was going to
get his mates to clear up.

[Panel 4]
Seems only fair. They
did most of the damage.

Ah. So you don't remember
trying to get from one side
of the pub to the other
without touching the floor?

I'm sure it seemed like
a good idea at the time.

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