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[Panel 1]
Orright, I know it
was you what done it.

I confess to
Done what?

This party you've got
planned for tomorrow.

But... how...?

[Panel 2]
Listen, mate. Don't try to hide
stuff from an ex-sergeant.

There's a smell you get round
people who are up to no good.

I always got away with
it back in the Sandies.

That was them, and I
was in a REAL army.

[Panel 3]
When the lads are up to something
Evil, you need to sort it before
the bloody Redcaps find out.

And talking of the lads,
did you invite them?

No. Couldn't get their
contact details.

Good. 'Cos they wouldn't
like it if you had.

[Panel 4]
Seems a shame not to have your
old mates around, though...

Don't worry, I
invited them meself.

It's not a proper party until
things are getting... broke.

I'll get Ginny to roast
an emergency backup pig.

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