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[Panel 1]
Oh good, maybe you'll know.


How long should you
cook a goose for?

Two or three hours, usually,
but it varies quite a bit.

[Panel 2]

Well, I was feeling
hungry and I couldn't
be bothered to cook.

There's left-over
pudding in the...

So the obvious solution was
to design a cooking robot.

[Panel 3]
At least now I know
it's not just Jaakko
leading you astray.

Catching the goose
is easy. I'm leaving
plucking for later.
But I thought I
ought to get the
cooking bit right.

Nils, have you ever SEEN
a goose round here?

[Panel 4]
Er... no?

Set your robot for
pigeon instead.
That recipe's easy.

1. Open the bin. 2. Drop in
the pigeon. 3. Celebrate with
a meal at the pub. Coming?

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