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[Panel 1]
Hmm, hmm, the sun is out, the
slaughterbot is at play...

Shouldn't it have a
knife or something?

I tried that, but Bell
said it would scratch
the skirting-boards.

[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]

[Panel 2]
They do make another
one, without all the
hoovering bits but with
a payload bay instead.

Maybe I should
get one of them.

You reckon it
would survive
against this one?

Why would they fight?


[Panel 3]
Why WOULDN'T they fight?

by humans,

Of course!

I'd better work on
a system to let
them design future
robot generations
with no human


[Panel 4]
Could take a while, though.

And thus was
the genocide of
humanity postponed.

[size 11.5]
[font Amelia_BT.ttf]
The age of mankind is over.
A new world has begun!
The rule of Robots!

Um, did you hear...?

No. And neither did you.

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