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[Panel 1]
Good news, everyone!

I am off on leave
from next week.

Going anywhere nice?

Oh, just to meet some friends
back home near Oulu.

[Panel 2]
Oh, don't tell me you'll

But of COURSE I am going by
bicycle. A nice leisurely trip.

I need only do about
150 kilometres a day
for twenty days.

[Panel 3]
Jislaaik! I thought this
was meant to be a HOLIDAY.

What do you do after that?

Get on a plane and come back, alas.
I cannot afford to take three more
weeks off to cycle both ways.

[Panel 4]
Let me guess, the plane
has pedals so that you can
boost the engines a bit?

No, but that is a good idea...

It's been done.
Gossamer Albatross,
back in the Seventies.

Spoilsport. No moose
burgers for YOU.

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