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[Panel 1]
Yes, but WHY didn't
they add a hangar?

What's up with him?

He went on that warship
tour a few weeks back.


He thinks he could have
designed her better.

[Panel 2]
Never mind me, the Dutch DID design
her better with the Johan de Witt.

Same size of ship, helicopter
hangar rather than leaving
them out on deck, more
troops, podded propellers so
you can keep station better...

Maybe they thought they
couldn't afford all that.

Or the Dutch one's
meant to operate with
less of an escort group.

[Panel 3]
Why all the interest, anyway?

Even MY
had a
for the
Royal Navy.



[Panel 4]
OBVIOUSLY the only way to
resolve this is to game it out.
I'll be the Dutch, of course.

Eep? But you don't...

Jislaaik! But you don't...

It may be fantasy, but at least
it's not Mandi's fantasies about
pop stars and reality shows.

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