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[Panel 1]
What are you lot doing
in here? Aren't you meant
to be in the office?

The network fell over again.

I slipped a bottle of
home-made sloe gin to
one of the networks guys.

(He looked as if he needed it.)

[Panel 2]
He said it was some sort
of Microsoft problem.


But Microsoft
don't make
routers, do they?


But no, looks like some sort of
infection, but they won't give us
any details because that would mean
admitting they're not perfect.

[Panel 3]
But we already KNOW...

Internal politics.

So what are
you doing until
it's fixed?

Covert laser link to the office,
real network connection at home.

[Panel 4]
Only one problem, really.

Well, you're running short of beer.

Sooner or later someone
will notice there's a back
channel from the office to
the outside world.

Oh, don't worry, if they start
poking my router it welcomes them
to the GCHQ Monitoring Backbone.

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