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[Panel 1]
So next thing I know there's
a little blip on the sonar,
and then I've got a full spread
of torpedoes bearing down on me.

It's as if Bell
knew exactly where
my ships would be.

Did you put them
in the best possible
tactical position?

Yes, but why would that...?

[Panel 2]

At least you
learned it in a game.

Don't worry, nobody's going
to be daft enough to let me
play with the real thing.

[Panel 3]
So how would YOU
defend the big ship?

I would not have
it there in
the first place.

I would put my coastal
jaegers ashore on the tiny
islands and set them up with
ground-launched missiles.

[Panel 4]
What if you don't
have tiny islands?

Everywhere worth
fighting over does.

Then the enemy
comes in looking
for the big ship,
and bang.

Even if they're
in submarines?

Did I forget to mention the mines?

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