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[Panel 1]
# singing
Vuodenajat eivät
pelkää viikatemies...

What have you
been up to? You're
looking Happy.

I spent
last weekend
cutting grass.

That's slang for something, right?

[Panel 2]
I know some people with a patch
of meadow they needed cleared.
And they would pay me in beer.

So I went there with my
scythe to help them out.

In the truck, I suppose?

[Panel 3]
Why would I do that? I only
needed the scythe, and my
backpack with clothes and things.

So I went down
on the train on
Friday with all
the weekend
cottage people.

I bet they loved that.

It is not my fault that the
easiest way to carry my hooded
rain coat was to wear it.

[Panel 4]
And did you know that if
somebody has a heart attack on
a train they insist on keeping
it at the station until the
ambulance men have finished?

Jislaaik! You didn't?

I just wanted his seat if he did
not need it, so I asked how far
he was planning to go because I
had an appointment near Plymouth.

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