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[Panel 1]
Nils, have you...
what are you DOING?

Working out what happened
at this summer's naval
exercises in the Baltic.

. . .

All right, I have to
admit, that WAS an
answer to my question.



[Panel 2]
See, they made a big fuss
about the amphibious assaults,

But half the
ships there were
or minelayers.

So they were making
a point to somebody?

Well these things always
have a certain amount
of, how can I put it...?

[Panel 3]
"Come and have a go if you
think you're hard enough"?

Only in

Now now, they might have
been warning off the Finns.

[Panel 4]
Though if you believe Jaakko
the Finnish Navy is all tiny
suicidal missile boats hiding
between the islands.

And Coastal Jaegers!

So what's the wargame?

Don't know yet. But if I ever
need to plan an invasion of
Sweden I know where to start.

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