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[Panel 1]
[Nils] we don't know what's
happening yet, but everybody
at the pub is a bit on edge.

I thought things
felt a bit

Yes, they didn't throw you out
until the second verse.

[Panel 2]
Why IS it you can't sing, anyway?

Oh, I can.

I was in the
University Choir.

But the singing out of tune
is an English pub tradition,
yes? So I un-trained myself.

[Panel 3]
And where would you
get an idea like that?

Why, it was when
I was very new
to this country,
and Nils told me...

Oh, er, did I?

[Panel 4]
And now you die.

But it was ages ago

and I'd forgotten

and I'd make a mess
all over the servers

Slowly, with
carving knives.

Oh, I see, it was a GOOD joke!

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