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[Panel 1]
Ah, Nils. Good. I
want words with you.

What did I do this time?

It is about your
wargame plans.

It's not like you to get
offended. Is it because
it's against the Russians?

[Panel 2]
No, it is because you
have assumed the Russians
will be invading Finland.

Well, it's a
thing they tend
to do, isn't it?

Just so. Maybe WE
could invade THEM
for a change.

I can't really see...

[Panel 3]
A dawn raid... out of the
archipelago... converted ferries
landing troops into St Petersburg...
it will be glorious!

But a little, er, uneven?

No problem, we shall issue our
crews extra vodka to bring them
down to the enemy's level.

[Panel 4]
Maybe we'd better try
a smaller game first, just
to get the hang of it?

Oh, very well. We
will have a practice
run against Sweden.

Why not Norway? You have
a border with them too.

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