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[Panel 1]
It... is... ALIVE!

Do I have
time to
tin hat?

The world has been

Oh. Probably not, then.

[Panel 2]
See! The 3D printer is working!

It looks like
a plastic snail.

Well, yes, in a
strictly mundane
sense, it IS a
plastic snail.

But it is also PROOF! Now I can
make anything I can model!

[Panel 3]
All right, the plastic gets soft if
you put it in hot water, but...

What are you going
to do with it, then?

Wargaming bits,
first thing.

Because you don't have
enough of them already?

[Panel 4]
And fittings to hook
things together.

Such as?

Well, don't you think Slaughterbot
2000 would be very much improved if
it had a trebuchet on board?

[size 11.5]
[font Amelia_BT.ttf]
Kill all humans with rubbish sacks?

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