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[Panel 1]
Elizabeth, I couldn't help
noticing that we seem to
have some little visitors.

Oh, are the mice back?

No, I wouldn't hurt my
toe tripping over a mouse.

It would dodge.

[Panel 2]
Boxes of books, on the
other hand, are not known
for their nimble evasion.

Or for being permitted by
your rental contract.

"Inside your room only",
I seem to remember.

Oh, they're not MY books!

[Panel 3]
They're the library's books.
They're rebuilding part of
the tower and I didn't
trust the storage people.

They're only little.

They're all the way
up the stairs.

But if they weren't here they'd be
in a nasty cold warehouse where
they couldn't talk to each other!

[Panel 4]
What do they have to
SAY to each other?

Can't tell you. Don't
want my binding torn
out by the root.

Oh, come on!

Look on the bright side.
They're not in season so
we won't be getting an
infestation of pamphlets too.

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