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[Panel 1]
[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
queep queep

Ah, time to
test the


If there's an emergency I'm
supposed to phone you and Jaakko
and tell you not to come in.

[Panel 2]
Or to get out if you
are in. Or something.

Oh, a phone tree.
How quaint.

I thought it might
be something fun.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, I'm supposed to try to
contact you within the hour.

If there's a
real emergency
you won't get
a signal through.

Ah, but then I have Failed To
Contact All Staff, so it's all
my fault when you get blown up.

[Panel 4]
And not MegaGloboBank's. I see.

What you
need is

Yes, I'm sure the cops dealing with
an emergency would LOVE them.

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