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[Panel 1]
But she's all YOUNG.

Was I ever like that?

Which is the answer that
doesn't involve nasty
looks for the next week?

Not. That. One.

[Panel 2]
It sounds as if she can do the
job, so what's the problem?

It's just... I don't
know, maybe I'm
feeling old and tired.

She'll probably move
on soon anyway.

Not if you open up the kitchen.

[Panel 3]
What kitchen?

That big storeroom
on the first floor.

Where Steve put all
the random crap to
stop it clogging
up in the cellar.

Haven't you looked under the
home-made shelves yet?

[Panel 4]
Bell, you have been
Hiding Things from me!

But we don't DO
food! It's not
that sort of pub!

But now you have a cook.
And with Jaakko, me,
and a few hours' graft
you'll have a kitchen.

And I'm sure the Trust
could be persuaded to
help with the paperwork...

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