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[Panel 1]
How was the conference?

Oh, you know,

The food in the hotel
was expensive and nasty,
but what can you expect?

It was ok once we found the
tapas bar a little beyond
where everyone else went.
The worst thing was the air.

[Panel 2]
The air?

Dry as a bone.

They're so afraid of
Legionnella in the
they add no water.

And then there were the three
lifts for all twenty-five
floors. Ten minute waits
every time you took one.

I didn't have any
trouble with the lifts.

[Panel 3]
Yes, but you're a lift-whisperer.

I'm not a lift-
whisperer, woman!
Computers are my thing.

Lifts are just
these days.

[style thinks]
. .
. .
. .

Are you all right?

[Panel 4]
Now you've done it. He
is THINKING about that.

And when Nils starts
to think, even I am
a little apprehensive.

I think I might
not use the lifts
for a while.

Oh well. It's only thirty
flights to get out, and I
could do with the exercise.

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